Welcome to the Open Networks and Big Data Lab, led by Prof. Lakshminarayanan Subramanian.

We are a team of researchers in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, focusing on fundamental and applied research in the broad areas of networked systems and machine learning/big data analytics. We solve real-world societal problems at scale, and extract and address the fundamental research questions underlying these problems as well as translate our ideas into practice for societal impact. The larger goal is to contribute to socio-economic development by designing innovative computing technologies for real world societal challenges. Our research philosophy places a strong emphasis on “end-to-end system design”, where we design, implement, deploy and evaluate our solutions in the real world and push successful ideas towards adoption at scale.

We are part of the NYU Systems group in the Computer Science Department.


Networked Systems

Machine Learning

AI for Health

AI for Sustainability


  • [Nov 10, 2021] Ananth's paper on Pareto Fairness in ML models is accepted at iConference '22. Congratulations Ananth!
  • [Oct 24, 2021] Ananth Balashankar and Shiva R. Iyer present their papers at INFORMS 2021 Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA. Congratulations both!
  • [Sep 1 , 2021] Masters students Sriram and Sudharsana join our research group. Welcome Sriram and Sudharsana!
  • [Aug 16, 2021] Ankit Bhardwaj joins our group as the latest Ph.D student, from Wadhwani AI in India, focusing on ML/AI for social good, particularly healthcare. Welcome Ankit!
  • [Mar 12, 2021] Shiva R. Iyer is nominated as a Harvard CRCS Rising Star in AI for Social Good! Congratulations, Shiva!
  • [Jan 1, 2021] Yan Shvartzshnaider joins York University as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Congratulations Yan!
  • [Dec 17, 2019] Shiva R. Iyer wins the Dean's Dissertation Fellowship that is awarded to a select group of Ph.D. students in their final year of dissertation writing. Congratulations Shiva!
  • [Sep 9, 2019] Ananth Balashankar wins the Google Student Research Advisorship Program Fellowship that is awarded to a select group of Ph.D. students. Congratulations Ananth!
  • [Sep 5, 2019] Talal Ahmad successfully defends his doctoral dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Ahmad!
  • [Aug 26, 2019] Kate Boxer (former masters student in the group) joins the department as a Ph.D. student under Prof. Daniel B. Neill. Welcome back Kate!
  • [Aug 10, 2019] Shiva R. Iyer wins the Nokia Bell Labs Innovation Project Award for his work as a summer intern at Nokia Bell Labs. Congratulations, Shiva!
  • [Jun 16, 2019] Ananth's paper at the ICML 2019 Workshop on AI for Social Good wins the best paper award!
  • [Apr 24, 2019] Recent article on Medium on GAIUS Networks Inc, a startup from our group, focused on hyperlocal communities in emerging markets.
  • [Apr 22, 2019] Ananth Balashankar and Shiva R. Iyer win the Harold Grad Memorial Prize and the Henning-Biermann Prize respectively. Congratulations both!
  • [Apr 15, 2019] Ulzee An accepts offer to join the Ph.D. program at UCLA. Congratulations Ulzee!
  • [Mar 27, 2019] Ulzee An wins the Master's Innovation Prize. Congratulations Ulzee!
  • [Feb 21, 2019] Ashwin Venkataraman accepts position as Assistant Professor at Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas, Dallas. Congratulations and all the best, Ashwin!
  • [Jan 1, 2019] Entrupy, a startup launched by Ashlesh Sharma, a former PhD student in the group, wins several important awards -- 2018 AI Breakthrough Award, 2018 Edison Award and AI Application / Product of the Year award by Awards.AI.